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Don't let obesity weigh you down

Get personalized treatment plan and care by doctors

$0 treatment fees* I  In-person & virtual consult  


Our Holistic Approach

Personalized multi-disciplinary approaches that generate sustainable results

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Lifestyle Intervention

  • Fitness Plans 

  • Dietary Plans

  • Nutrition Education 

  • Professional Monitoring

MORE EFFECTIVE than a regular calorie restrictive approach

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Mental Health Support

  • Diet Control 

  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety Counselling

  • Diet Lapse Prevention

Achieve up to 10% WEIGHT LOSS through behavioural interventions.

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Prescription Medicines

  • Prescribed to select patients

  • Saxenda [Liraglutide]

  • Contrave [Bupropion/Naltrexone]

  • Xenical [Orlistat]

Medications can contribute to a weight loss of 5%-10%

How it all works

Program length varies until personal objective has been met 


Free medical consultation incl. physical examination and blood work


Frequent touchpoints including virtual visits with specialists 


Post-program follow ups to ensure maintenance of weight

Clinic Locations


7750 Ranchview Dr NW, T3G 1Y9

T3G 1Y9

Red Deer

2827 30 Ave, T4R 2P7 


310 Carleton Dr, T8N 7L3

Why A Better Weigh?

Benefits to choosing us for your Weight Loss Management Journey 


Covered by AHCIP

All physician Consultations are $0.00 and covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)


Frequent Touchpoints

Consistent communication and frequent touch points per month with our specialists 


Evidence Based

The care you receive from our doctors and dieticians will be based on sound clinical evidence


Limited Wait Time

Expect to be seen by one of our specialists in only 3 weeks, compared to 3-6 months at other clinics 



Frequently Asked Questions

When will I begin to lose weight?

Weight loss is a gradual process and every experience is different. In various studies, patients taking medication along with a balanced diet and exercise had greater weight loss compared to diet and exercise alone in as early as 4 weeks.

What is the likelihood weight management medicine will work for me?

Weight loss medicine has proven to result in 5-10% weight loss in some patients. However, results may vary from person to person. Our team of doctors will work with you to develop a customised weight loss treatment plan which can be effective and sustainable over a longer period of time. Talk to our doctor today.

Do I need to be on a specific diet or exercise regime?

Having a balanced diet with 30 minutes of daily physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss medication can work with any diet or nutrition plan and since some medications make you feel fuller, eating less can be easier, helping you lose weight.

Is this covered by insurance?

Yes. The doctor consultation is covered by Alberta Healthcare Insurance Plan (AHCIP).

How frequently can I speak to a doctor during the program?

From every 3 weeks check-in's to in-person clinic visits, our team of doctors and phyicians work with you to ensure you are getting the necessary guidance and support throughout your weight loss program journey with us.

Diet plans or exercise, alone will not help you lose weight.


It's proven

A combination of Physician + Dietician + Trainer approach at ABW influences more long-term weight loss than patients who engage in diet or fitness alone.


It's science

Professional behavioural intervention increases significantly the probability of patients maintaining weight after treatment is over.